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15 people live in a cave for 40 days

15 people in France chose to live in a cave for 40 days. They were part of a study, designed to research the effect ‘time’ has on our daily lives.

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The cave was completely dark, so they had to generate electricity. They did this using exercise bicycles. They pedaled these bicycles to generate light and to help them cook food. They also found water inside the cave.

When the 15 people exited the cave, they were asked how long they thought they were inside the cave. Some people said they thought it had been 20 days, others said they thought it had been 30 days. Many of the people said they enjoyed being inside the cave and felt very relaxed inside the cave.

Key words:

Choose/chose – Make a decision.

Cave – A large place underground/surrounded by rocks.

Study – A research experiment.

Generate (verb) – To make something.

Exercise bicycles – The bicycles people use to exercise which don’t move anywhere.

Pedal/pedaled (verb) – The action (verb) of using a bicycle.

Exit/exited (verb) – To leave somewhere.

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