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21 Miners trapped in a mine

There is a coal mine in the north of China. People who work in a mine are called 'miners'. Unfortunately, there was lots of rain yesterday. This flooded the mine.

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There was 29 people in the mine when the flood started. Since then, eight people have been rescued. This means that 21 people are still stuck in the mine.

Police contacted the 21 people stuck. They are all alive. The police will try to rescue the miners tomorrow.

Other people in the village lost power because of the flood.

Key words:

Mine - A place under the ground with gold/silver/bronze/coal.

Miner - A person who works in a mine.

Coal - A rock which people use for fire/energy.

Flood - Lots and lots of rain.

Rescue - To save someone.

Contact - To call someone/talk to them.

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