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Apple releases the 'air tag'

Apple released the ‘air tag’ today. The air tag is a small device that you can put on your belongings to help you find them if they get lost. The ‘air tag’ is small and can clip onto any of your belongings. It works like a keyring.

For a long time, people have been asking Apple to invent a device like this to help them find lost valuables. If you lose your keys, you can go onto your iPhone and find the ‘last location’ of the ‘air tag’. That way you could find your keys quicker.

Other items which might be well-suited to the ‘air tag’ include handbags, wallets and laptops. An ‘air tag’ will cost around $29.

Key words:

Release (verb) – To start selling a product.

Device – A small electronic machine.

Belongings – Things which belong to you.

Valuables – Valuable things which belong to you.

Keyring – The ring you put keys on.

Invent – Create.

Suited to – Appropriate for.

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