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Atletico Madrid wins Spanish League

On the weekend Atletico Madrid won the 2021 Spanish Football League, known as ‘La Liga’. This is the first time Atletico Madrid has won the title since 2014.

Usually, Barcelona and Real Madrid win La Liga. However, this year they both lost some crucial games, which gave Atletico Madrid a chance to overtake them on the league table.

Atletico Madrid needed to win their last game of the year in order to win La Liga 2021. They were losing 1-0, until they scored 2 goals which won them the game 2-1.

Luis Suarez, the striker for Atletico Madrid, said it was a ‘special’ victory for him.

Key words:

League – A competition that goes for several months/or a year.

Title – The winner of a league wins the title/the trophy.

Crucial – Very very important.

League table – The ranking system used in football.

Striker – The position in football of the goal scorer.

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