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British Prime Minister gets married

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, got married on Sunday afternoon in a surprise ceremony. The wedding is being called a ‘secret wedding’ because Boris Johnson only told a small number of his friends and family that the wedding was going to happen.

It was a small wedding ceremony held in Westminster Cathedral, a Catholic Church in London. Only 30 people were invited due to the COVID-19 restrictions on weddings.

Boris Johnson is the first person in 200 years to get married while also being the UK Prime Minister. The media didn’t know about the wedding until it happened because Boris Johnson wanted to keep the event small.

Key words:

Prime Minister – The political leader of the United Kingdom (different from the Queen).

Ceremony – A special event like a wedding or graduation.

Catholic Church – A type of church, ‘roman catholic’.

Restrictions – Limits on what people can do, imposed by the government.

Marry – The verb for 2 people becoming married.

Wedding – The ceremony where people get married.

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