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Building wobbles in China

A building in Shenzhen, China, started wobbling, causing an evacuation of the building. The building, named the ‘SEG Plaza’ started shaking at around 1pm. People outside the building filmed the incident.

Usually, earthquakes are the cause of wobbling buildings. However, experts have already checked to see if any earthquakes happened yesterday, however they didn’t find any evidence of an earthquake.

Experts continue to investigate the cause of the issue. So far, they have found no problems with the building’s structure.

Key words:

Wobble – Something almost falls over.

Shake – Something moves from side to side.

Evacuate – To quickly leave a building in an emergency.

Earthquake – A natural disaster – when the ground shakes.

Investigate – Find the cause of an incident.

Structure – The fundamental part of a building.

Listen here!


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