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Cat survives 5 story jump

On Friday, a fire started in an apartment block in Chicago. Two of the apartments caught on fire and all of the residents had to leave the building.

In one of the apartments was a cat, the cat’s name is ‘Hennessy’. The owner of Hennessy escaped the fire but Hennessy was stuck in the apartment which was on fire.

All of the apartment block residents watched the fire burn from the street. Then they noticed a small black cat on the window of an apartment. The cat was Hennessy, who decided the only option was to jump to safety. Hennessy jumped from the 5th story of the apartment block and survived the landing.

The residents tried to catch Hennessy but he ran away too quickly. His owner is still searching for him.

Key words:

Apartment block – Another way to say ‘apartment building’.

Catch fire – A verb to describe something lighting on fire.

Apartment residents – People who live in an apartment block.

Escape – To get away from danger.

Story (building) – The level of the building.

Survive – Keep living.

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