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Chinese rocket falls from space

A Chinese rocket will fall from ‘outer space’ this weekend and land somewhere on the planet Earth. China used the rocket to launch a satellite a few years ago. Now it’s falling back down to Earth.

No one knows where the rocket will land. ‘Space experts’ will only know where it will land about an hour before it crashes into the Earth. The experts are hoping it lands in the ocean and doesn’t hurt anyone.

This is not the first time something has fallen out of space and crashed into the Earth. This happens often because of a problem known as ‘space junk’. Space junk includes all of the material humans have sent to space which was left up there. No one knows when they will fall back down to earth. There are around 9,000 pieces of space junk in space.

Key words:

Rocket: Something which travels at high speed through the sky.

Outer space/space: The sky beyond Earth.

Satellite: A small object in space which goes around the earth (i.e. GPS satellites).

Launch (verb): To shoot a rocket/satellite/something into the sky.

Crash (verb): To hit something and cause damage.

Expert: People who know a lot about a topic.

Junk: Rubbish.

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