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Fake snow to be used at the winter olympics

The Winter Olympics will commence next week. The Winter Olympics will be held in the mountains near Beijing, China. Beijing hasn’t received as much snow as previous years, and therefore, they are using fake snow machines to pump snow onto the mountains before the start of the Olympic Games.

Some athletes are concerned about using fake snow. Athletes from some countries like Canada, have not competed on fake snow before, and are worried about the differences between fake snow and real snow.

The event organisers have said that the snow will be ready for the Olympic Games and that fake snow will not cause any issues for athletes.

Key words:

Commence – to start/begin

Due to – because of

Fake – not real

Pump – to pump water/liquid/snow means to push it somewhere using energy.

Athletes – People who play sports.

Concerned – worried about something

Compete – to participate in a sports event/or to enter into a sports event against other athletes.

Issues – problems.

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