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Great White Shark crosses the Atlantic Ocean

A Great White Shark is swimming from America to Europe. She is a female shark, named Nukumi. She is 50 years old.

Scientists put a tag on Nukumi so that they can track where she swims. Every time she comes to the surface of the water, the tag sends the location of Nukumi to scientists in America.

Nukumi lives in the Atlantic Ocean, and spends most of her time off the coast of America. However, Nukumi has spent the last 2 months swimming towards Europe.

She is only the 2nd shark to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Sharks in America usually stay on the American side of the Atlantic Ocean. While sharks on the European side usually stay on the European side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Key words:

Shark – A large/scary animal in the ocean.

Tag – A small piece of plastic – you can use it to track animals.

Track – To follow the location of something.

Surface – The top of something.

Scientists – People who do research at university.

Coast – The beach.

Cross (verb) – To go from one side to the other (the road/the sea/the river).

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