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Internet Explorer is Finished

Today Microsoft announced that they will no longer offer Internet Explorer (‘IE’) as an internet browser. Internet Explorer was Microsoft’s first successful internet browser, it started 26 years ago. In 2002, 95% of people used Internet Explorer.

Microsoft said that since 2010, other companies have made better browsers which perform tasks quicker than Internet Explorer, and which have more functions than Internet Explorer such ‘extensions’.

Microsoft will now focus on their new browser ‘Microsoft Edge’. While Microsoft Edge is not as popular as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it is much more popular than Internet Explorer.

Some companies still use Internet Explorer because it works well with their systems. However, from 2022, they will have to find a new browser to use.

Key words:

Internet browser – A program which allows you to use the internet. Also called ‘web browser’.

Function – Ability.

Extension – An additional part/feature.

Focus – Spend most of your time on something.

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