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Man leaves an island after 32 years

There is a small island in Italy called Budelli. It is close to the larger island of Sardinia. The island of Budelli is famous because of its pink beach.

Only one person lives in Budelli, Mauro Morandi. His boat broke down 32 years ago, and he landed on Budelli. He loved the island so much that he never left. He has lived there ever since.

Normal people can't live on Budelli. However, Mauro was allowed to live on the island because he protects it from tourists who try to go to the pink beach to take photos.

Mauro has lived there peacefully for 32 years. However, now the government wants to remove him from the island. They want to replace him with a scientist who can do research on the island.

People are angry about this decision. Lots of people are showing support for Mauro on Facebook. Mauro doesn’t have another home. However, he said that if he has to leave, he will go to Sardinia and find a home there.

Key words:

Island – A small part of land surrounded by the ocean.

Famous – Everyone knows it.

Broke down – Stopped working (for cars/boats/trucks/trains/ect).

Allowed – You can do something/permitted. Not allowed – You can’t do something/not permitted.

Tourists – People travelling on holiday from another country.

Remove – Take something/someone away.

Replace – Put something/someone else in the place of something you removed.

Scientist – Someone who does research.

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