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Man misses work for 15 years

A man in Italy didn’t go to work for 15 years but he still got paid. He got a job in a hospital in Italy, but he never went to work. His manager told him he should come to work, but he ignored his manager. Shortly after, his manager quit, and she was replaced by someone else who didn’t know about this problem. After that, no one checked up on this problem.

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For 15 years, no one checked on this man. He never came to work, but he continued to get paid each month, despite never coming to work. He was paid $500,000 over 15 years.

Eventually, someone realised what was happening and called the police. The police are now investigating him for fraud. The police in Italy are also looking for other people doing the same thing.

Key words:

Ignore – Don’t pay attention to something.

Quit – Leave your job.

Replace – Taking someone/something’s place.

Check up on – Make sure someone is doing well.

Check-on – Make sure someone is doing well.

Realise – Know.

Investigate – Look for the cause of something.

Fraud - Tricking people (in an illegal way).

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