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NASA flies a helicopter on Mars

NASA flew a helicopter on the planet Mars today. First, NASA flew a spaceship to Mars, and they put a helicopter inside the spaceship. Then today, NASA used the helicopter to take photos and record videos on Mars.

NASA wants to know more about the planet Mars. Including:

  • What is Mars made from?

  • How much sunlight gets to Mars?

  • What is in the air on Mars?

  • Is there any life on Mars?

So far, NASA has not found any life, but they are learning about the air and the rocks on Mars every day. NASA put the videos of Mars on YouTube.

Key words:

Helicopter – A type of vehicle used for air travel.

Fly/flies/flew – To move/control something in the sky.

Planet – Like ‘Earth’.

Spaceship – A vehicle we use to travel to other planets.

Life – Something living, like a tree/animal/person.

Record – To film a video.

Sunlight – Light from the sun.

Air – What we breathe.

Listen here!


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