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Mercedes electric car

Mercedes has released a new electric car. Mercedes is best known for their luxury cars which use a petrol engine. However, in 2021, Mercedes is releasing its newest car with an electric engine – the ‘Mercedes EQS’.

Electric cars are good for the world because they don’t cause much pollution. That’s why some people prefer to buy electric cars. The Mercedes EQS can travel over 700km on a full battery.

The Mercedes EQS has some luxury features. When you approach the car, the doors open by themselves, you don’t need to open them. Then, when you get into the car, the doors then close by themselves, you don’t need to close them. There are lots of sensors on the Mercedes EQS.

The Mercedes EQS can also help you change lanes without touching the steering wheel!

Key words:

Release – start selling something for the first time.

Luxury – Very very nice.

Petrol – Gas.

Pollution – Make the air dirty.

Battery – Where electricity is stored.

Features – Interesting parts of something.

Sensor – A computer device which knows when you’re close.

Lane – The lines on the road.

Steering wheel – What we drive the car with.

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