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NASA will send squid to space

NASA will send squid to space, on the next spaceship going to the International Space Station. NASA flies spaceships to the International Space Station every couple of months.

NASA wants to find out how squid are impacted by being in space. This is because there is no gravity in space, and when there is no gravity, it is more difficult to survive.

The reason NASA wants to know how squid can survive in space, is because it will help them understand more about how life can survive for long periods of time in Space. For example, if NASA wants to send people to the planet Mars, they need to know if there are any health risks.

NASA will send some other small animals, similar to squid, to space in order to better understand the impact of low gravity on animals and humans.

Key words:

Squid – A small animal that lives in the ocean.

Space – The empty area between the earth and the sun and other planets.

Spaceship – A ship that can fly through space.

Impacted – How something impacts you.

Gravity – The force of nature that holds things down.

Survive – Live.

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