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Netflix gains subscribers

Netflix has gained 50 million subscribers since the start of the ‘coronavirus pandemic’. They gained so many subscribers because most people were stuck at home. People were unable to go to the cinema, to go on holidays, or to go out with friends. For that reason, people couldn’t do much more than sit at home and watch TV.

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However, yesterday Netflix announced that the number of new subscribers has stopped growing. This is because in countries such as America and Britain, many people have received a vaccine. Once someone receives a vaccine, they can return to their normal life in these countries.

Netflix wants to release some good films and TV shows in 2021 to keep their subscribers. Netflix knows it will be difficult to keep all of their 210 million subscribers once the coronavirus pandemic finishes.

Key words:

Gain – Get more of.

Subscriber – Someone who pays a company for a membership (on Netflix/Spotify/A newspaper).

Stuck – Can’t move.

Announce – Said officially.

Grow – Become bigger (/or stopped growing = not getting bigger).

Vaccine – Protects you from a virus.

Keep – To continue having something.

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