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New Zealand enters lockdown

New Zealand has had no new coronavirus cases since February. However, a man in New Zealand was infected with coronavirus yesterday, so now the whole country is entering a lockdown.

The man who caught the virus lives in the capital city of New Zealand, Auckland, and he had been travelling around the country for a few days before he fell ill. The man is 58 years old, he has not taken the coronavirus vaccine yet.

Under the lockdown rules, citizens of New Zealand must stay home, unless they are going to buy food and water from the supermarket. They can also buy medicine from the pharmacy. The lockdown is expected to last three days.

Key words:

Lockdown – Where a city tells businesses to close, and people to stay at home.

Catch (illness) - When you become sick with a disease, you catch the disease.

Infected – When you catch a disease, you becoming infected.

Fall ill – To become sick with a disease or illness.

Vaccine – Something that protects you from diseases.

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