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Nomadland wins the Oscar

Nomadland is a film which won the ‘best film’ award at the 2021 Oscars ceremony. Every year in America, a ceremony called the ‘Oscars’ takes place, where film experts decide what was the best film for the past year.

Nomads are people who have no fixed home. They travel around the country from town to town. They find work wherever they can. They usually live in a car, or a caravan, because they are easy to travel around with.

Nomadland is a film about nomads in America. It won the ‘Oscar award’ for best film from 2020. Experts say that the film was very interesting and the actors did a great job.

Key words:

Film – A movie.

Ceremony – A special event.

Take place – Happens.

Expert – Someone who knows more than most people about a topic.

Nomad – Someone with no fixed home.

Caravan – A big car people can live in.

Award – A prize.

Actor – Someone who plays different characters in movies.

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