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Plane lands in Belarus

An airplane landed in Belarus because the ‘air traffic controller’ told him there was a ‘bomb threat’. When the pilot landed the plane, a journalist was taken off the plane, and no bomb was found.

The plane was flying from Greece to Lithuania. The airline was ‘Ryanair’, an airline based in Ireland. The plane flew over Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and then Belarus, before it was about to land in Lithuania.

However, before the plane could land in Lithuania, the pilot was told to land in Belarus. After landing in Belarus, some people left the plane, including a journalist who was arrested. The CEO of Ryanair is angry and said that he wants governments to penalise Belarus.

Key words:

Air traffic controller: The person who tells airplanes where to fly.

Airline: A company that flies planes.

Plane: Another word for airplane.

Threat: A risk of ranger.

Journalist: A person who writes news articles.

Bomb: A weapon which can explode.

Penalise: Give someone a penalty/fine.

Arrested: Someone taken to a police station.

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