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Rhino population increase

The number of rhinos is increasing in Nepal. In 2021 there has been no tourists to Nepal because of “coronavirus”. Nepal is not very busy right now, and the rhinos seem to be enjoying this.

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Before this year, scientists counted 650 rhinos in Nepal. In 2021, scientists counted 750 rhinos in Nepal. Scientists think that because there are no tourists in Nepal right now, the rhinos are becoming more comfortable, and are living better lives.

Rhinos are famous because of their large horns. There are not many rhinos in the world. This is because some people kill rhinos for their horns. Killing rhinos is illegal in all countries.

Key words

Rhino – an animal with a large horn living in Africa and Asia.

Horn – A large spike on a rhino’s head.

Population – The total number of something.

Increasing – Going up.

Tourist – Someone who is travelling on holiday.

Comfortable – Happy/relaxed/in good health.

Lives – Plural of ‘life’.

Famous – Popular/well known.

Illegal – Not allowed/against the law.

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