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Suez Canal blocked by ship

A ship lost power in the Suez Canal in Egypt and got stuck. The Suez Canal connects Europe to Asia by connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The captain of the ship said the ship lost power, and then wind blew the ship to one side of the canal. The ship is still stuck on the sand, but it will be moved as soon as possible.

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Right now there is a big line of ships waiting to enter the canal. They cannot enter the canal until the broken ship has been moved.

Egypt said they will find out how this accident happened - but first they need to move the ship.

If your package is delivered late - maybe it was on one of the ships which are waiting in the canal.

Key words:

Canal - a small path of water.

Mediterranean - a sea near Italy/Greece/Spain.

Stuck - Past tense of 'stick'. Stuck = can't move.

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