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UK war ships go to Jersey

The United Kingdom (UK) sent war ships to Jersey, an island which is only 22km from France. They did this because there is a dispute over fishing rights in the sea between France and the UK.

The UK wants French fishermen to do less fishing in parts of the sea owned by the UK. Jersey is an island which is ruled by the Queen, so the water around Jersey is part of the UK.

French fishermen go there all the time because it’s only 22km from France. Now the French fishermen are being told to stay away from Jersey, and they are angry. France said they will cut off electricity to Jersey if the French fishermen can’t fish there.

Last night, the UK sent war ships to Jersey to stop the French fishermen causing problems. Right now, fishermen from Jersey and France are arguing at the entrance to the port.


Key words:

Dispute – A disagreement over something.

Fishermen – People who do fishing as a job.

Rights – The legal right to do something.

Ruled (verb) – Managed by.

Cut off – To stop/turn off.

Port – A place where boats are parked.

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