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US Government to release UFO videos

The US Government will soon release all of it’s Unidentified Flying Object (‘UFO’) videos. Until now, these videos have been kept in secret. In January, the US Congress made a law which forces the US government to release all of its UFO files.

A UFO is an object in the sky which can’t be identified. Most UFOs are probably objects that humans put into the sky like ‘weather balloons’ or ‘drones’, but some UFO videos clearly show something strange in the sky which is yet to be identified.

For years the FBI and other agencies have kept these UFO videos secret. The US government expects to release all of their UFO videos within the next few months.

Key words:

Identify – To find out what something is. To find out it’s ‘identity’.

Unidentified – When you aren’t sure what something is, it is ‘unidentified’.

Force (verb) – To make someone do something.

Agency – A government office/department/organisation.

Secret – Information you keep hidden from someone else.

Listen here!

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