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YouTube star in boxing match

A ‘star’ on the website ‘YouTube’ will fight in a boxing match on Saturday the 17th of April. He will fight a professional fighter named Ben Askren.

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Jake Paul has millions of fans worldwide. He is famous for making YouTube Videos. Jake Paul said he wants to fight a professional fighter because he thinks he can win.

His opponent, Ben Askren, says that he will win the fight easily. Lots of people will watch the fight on Saturday. The fight will make a lot of money for Jake Paul.

Key words:

Star – Someone famous/ a celebrity.

Boxing – A sport where people punch each other.

Fighter – Someone who does boxing or fighting for money.

Professional – Someone who has a lot of experience in a job/activity.

Fans – People who watch a show.

Famous – A lot of people know him/her/them.

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