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Baseball player gets hit in the face

A baseball player got hit in the face by the ball during a baseball game in Philadelphia. In baseball, the person who throws the ball is called the ‘pitcher’ and the person who hits the ball is called the ‘batter’.

The batter ‘Bryce Harper’, who plays for Philadelphia, was waiting for the pitcher to throw the ball. When the pitcher threw the ball, it went towards the face of Bryce, who tried to move out of the way. However, Bryce couldn’t move quickly enough, and the ball hit him in the face.

The ball injured Bryce because it was travelling at 150 km/h. People were surprised when they watched Bryce walk away from the field. He went to hospital where he is recovering from the injury.

Key words:

Baseball – A sport played in America.

Player – Someone who ‘plays’ a sport.

Pitcher – A position in baseball.

Batter – A position in baseball.

Injure (verb) – To hurt someone. (or passive voice: get injured)

Injury (noun) – A problem causing pain to your body.

Recover – Get better after an injury.

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