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Google reduces pay for working from home

The technology company, ‘Google’, has told its staff that they have to start working from the office again. If they don’t, their pay will be reduced by around 10% to 20%.

There is one exception, employees can work from home as long as they live close to the office. If they live close to the office, then they can still attend meetings and can go to the office for any important events.

Some Google staff live a one-hour drive from their office. These staff have been working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. If they don’t start working at the office again, they risk losing 10% to 20% of their salary.

Key words:

Reduce – To make something smaller.

Exception – Rules don’t apply if there is an exception.

Attend – Go to a place.

Meeting – When people meet to discuss work.

As long as – If.

Salary – How much you get paid per month.

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