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NBA player not happy with crowds

An NBA basketball player, Kyrie Irving, said that he feels like basketball games are turning into a ‘zoo’ because crowds are behaving so poorly.

Someone threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving during a game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics. The Brooklyn Nets won the game, but the game was overshadowed by the water bottle being thrown at Kyrie Irving.

Another basketball player, Kevin Durant, said that some people in the crowd have to ‘grow up’, and they need to behave better at games. Five different ‘crowd members’ were banned from NBA games because of their behaviour this week.

Key words:

Zoo – An amusement park full of animals.

Behave – How someone acts. Behave well / behave poorly.

Behaviour – The noun for behave.

Overshadow – For the 2nd event to become a bigger story than the 1st event.

Grow up – A command – behave better.

Crowd member – Someone present in an ‘audience’ – particularly in sport.

Banned – Not allowed to return somewhere.

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