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Robot-car pizza delivery

The pizza company, “Dominos”, will use robot cars to deliver pizza in Texas (USA). The robot car drives without anyone inside. It can control itself without a human.

If you order a pizza from Dominos, you can choose ‘robot delivery’. Then, the pizza will be delivered by the robot car. When the robot car arrives, you need to get your pizza from the robot car.

To make sure no one steals your pizza, you need to use a code to open the robot car.

If the robot car is successful in Texas, Dominos might use this technology in other places.

Key words:

Deliver – Take something to someone’s place (after they buy it).

Robot – A machine that does smart things.

Robot car – A car which drives without a person.

Arrive – Get to a place.

Steal – Take something that is not yours.

Code – A number or password to unlock something.

Successful – Works well.

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