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Friends actors meet in reunion

The actors on the popular TV show ‘Friends’ have reunited in a one-off episode. The last episode of Friends was made 17 years ago, and the actors in Friends haven’t made a new episode since then.

In the episode, the actors used their real names rather than their character names. They re-watched several famous scenes of Friends, and talked about how the show has had an impact on their lives ever since.

They also showed some ‘bloopers’ from the show. Bloopers are videos where the actors made a mistake, which was so bad that they had to re-make the scene.

The episode is available on HBO in America.

Key words:

Actor – Someone who plays a character in movies.

Reunite – Meet with family/friends after a long period of time of not seeing each other.

Episode – One TV show, part of a larger series.

Character – A person in a movie/TV show. A character is played by an actor.

Famous – Something everyone has seen/knows about.

Scene – A part of a TV show or movie.

Blooper – A scene which went wrong, and had to be filmed again.

Listen here!


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