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Star Wars Hotel Opens

A new Star Wars themed hotel is opening inside Disney World Florida. Fans of the Star Wars films will be able to visit the hotel, which provides a ‘two day Star Wars adventure’ for Star Wars fans.

Guests will dress as Star Wars characters and will stay in a room on a spaceship. During their stay, they will get to fly to many different planets, and to complete challenges and missions with characters from the movie. Guests will also take ‘lightsaber’ training.

While the hotel looks amazing, some people are criticising the price of staying there. Two nights in the Star Wars Hotel costs $4,809. This is too expensive for many Star Wars fans.

Key words:

Themed – The style of something.

Adventure – An interesting/exciting journey.

Fan – Someone who likes/supports a TV show/sports team/famous person or thing.

Characters – The people in a movie, played by actors.

Spaceship – A rocket ship that can travel through space.

Planets – Other worlds like ‘Earth’. Located in ‘space’.

Challenge – A difficult task to solve.

Mission – A difficult task or goal to achieve.

Criticise – To say something negative about a topic.

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