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Joe Biden promises investment

Joe Biden has been president of the United States for 100 days. On his 100th day as president, he announced a new project to ‘re-start’ America after COVID-19 has finished.

In his speech on television, Joe Biden promised to invest in new roads, bridges and tunnels. He said that Americans need better roads to connect the country.

He also promised high speed internet to many more people. He wants to start building new high speed internet cables in areas of America which don’t have fast internet at the moment.

Joe Biden said that he will also fix water pipes which are getting old, to make sure all Americans have clean and fresh drinking water.

Key words:

Invest – Spend money on something useful.

Announce – Say something official.

Re-start – Start something which stopped for some time (i.e. the American economy).

Speech – Talking to an audience.

Promise – Tell someone you will do something.

Bridge – A road over the water.

Tunnel – A road under the water.

Pipes – Used to transport water to houses.

Listen here!


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