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Prince Philip dies aged 99

Prince Philip has died in England aged 99. He was married to Queen Elizabeth II, who became Queen of the United Kingdom in 1952. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip got married in London in 1947.

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Philip was born in Greece in 1921. He eventually moved to the United Kingdom and joined the British Army. He served in World War II and retired from the army in 1945. When he was 27 he married Elizabeth. Five years later, she became Queen of the United Kingdom.

When Elizabeth became Queen, Philip supported her by joining her in ceremonies, dinners and foreign tours. Prince Philip supported over 800 charities. He was also a big sports fan, and was known for being a great polo player. Prince Phillip loved riding horses as well.

The Queen said Prince Philip's death leaves a big void in her life. The Queen's family went to Buckingham Palace to support her during this difficult time.

Key words:

Ceremony - An event where people gather on an important date.

Tour - An official trip to another city.

Polo - A sport in the UK with horses and a ball.

Void - An empty space.

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