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Spain welcomes tourists for summer

Tourists will be allowed to visit Spain from June. The Spanish government said that tourists will be allowed to visit if they:

  • Have been vaccinated

  • Recovered from COVID-19

  • Got a negative test result for COVID-19

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Visitors will have to prove this by giving a ‘travel certificate’ to police when they arrive in Spain. The travel certificate will prove that the person can safely enter Spain.

A big part of Spain’s economy is tourism. The Spanish government wants to start tourism as soon as possible to help businesses in Spain make money again. Spain is also trying to vaccinate its citizens as quickly as possible to make it a safe country for travelling once again.

Key words:

Tourism – Travelling for holidays.

Tourist – Someone travelling on a holiday – a visitor/traveller.

Government – The organisation that runs a country.

Vaccinated – Received a vaccine.

Recovered – Got better from a disease.

Test result – The result of a test. Example: The result of my COVID test was (positive/or/negative)

Prove – To show that something is true.

Economy – Business within a country.

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