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Yacht travels through small canal

The Netherlands is famous for building boats. They build fishing boats, transport boats and leisure boats in the Netherlands. Leisure boats are those used for enjoyment.

This week, a company finished building a large yacht. Yachts are large boats which people use to sail around the ocean and relax. Yachts can be small (10m – 20m), or they can large (over 100m long). This yacht was 94m long.

This yacht was built in a bay far away from the ocean. Therefore, it needed to travel through the small canals in Rotterdam in order to reach the ocean. People gathered on the side of the canal to watch the 94m long yacht travel through these small cities.

The yacht was almost too big for the canal. The yacht had to be helped by some smaller boats because it couldn’t travel through the canal on its own.

Key words:

Yacht – A large boat used for leisure.

Leisure – Fun.

Bay – A large section of water.

Canals – Small waterways.

Listen here!


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